Sydney’s Light Rail Future

I’ve been lucky to be leading a part of this grand project, finally announced today by the NSW Govt.  A big day for Sydney’s future.  The plan includes removing cars from George Street and relocating all those damned buses. A new civic street is born….

Coverage here:

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Goodbye overhead wires for light rail?


Induction for public transport is a rapidly developing technology – which is already being commercially developed in Europe.  

Already a less attractive element of light rail systems, the removal of overhead wires also removes a serious electrical hazard, makes streets more attractive, and lessens the impact of new systems to existing streets. 


Beyond iconic architecture

Beyond iconic architecture.

‘We all realize that a “sense of place” is of fundamental value to people everywhere — in every city, every town, every neighborhood, and every culture, for all ages.

At least, that is what the average person recognizes instinctively. It is a fundamental reality that all too often is missing from the discussion when it comes to architecture and design’

Angus Bruce

All aboard: the growth of global rail and our future cities

Article by Peter Newman, Garry Glazebrook and Jeff Kenworthy of light and heavy rail growth