A new note book for a new year

A note book is so much more than that.

I have a slightly over zealous fascination with quality note books, as they are signposts to the moment you put pen to paper, and are wonderful records of what was going through your mind at a precise moment in time.  There’s something slightly old school in this new world of iThings and other interweb devices.  There’s still something slightly enigmatic about the unflapping of note books and turning of pages to a clean sheet.

As I said, I’m slightly obsessed.

So – these are brilliant…a little hard to find, making the search more rewarding….I favoured ‘site notes’ out of Chicago in 2012, I think I have grown up and moved in Leuchtturm1917 (yes, weird name, great stuff) for 2013.

Check them out at www.leuchtturm1917.com

A new note book?

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