Bushfire: An Australian Story

tasmanian bushfire

Image: Twitter, Mic and Jo Giuliani

Bushfires are a very real part of suburban Australian life.

The Tasmanian bushfires are a reminder of the fragile interaction between our city’s bushland and our surburban way of life – even in our increasingly coastal rural areas.  We like living near the sea, near the bush, near the landscape.

I am continually astounded, shocked, and amazed at the phenomenon of bushfires in Australia.  Living in a fire risk area myself, it constantly reminds me of how we take for granted how quickly fire behaves.

I found this broad article on the history of bushires fascinating, as well as slightly scary.


I lived through the 1994 Sydney bushfires and knew people in inner northern suburbs who lost homes. It is a reminder that where we live should not be taken for granted, and we must take prevention together with smarter and safer housing and landscape design more seriously to assist in reducing (if not eliminating) the risk of damage, loss or even life.

The CSIRO are leaders in their field and their website provides some great resources.

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