Redesigning transport: wayfinding

Sydney’s public transport is about to undergo a massive and visible change , not seen since the London Underground inspired city circle train stations.

Currently a visual disaster in my humble opinion, the current signage suite across the network has created a graphic design industry…as well as a bewildering array if signage types, standards and styles.

A new logo (the ‘hop’) was a start (creating simply ‘transport’ as the overall brand, relaxing every other existing transport logo), renaming CityRail and CountryLink to Sydney Trains and NSW Trains was the next step; and now new station and brand identities.

First up: Sydney’s train stations lose the station naming at street level, replaced with a simple orange roundel with the letter ‘T’.

Next up, F for Ferries (green), L for light rail (red) and B for buses (blue). Pretty simple really.



Adelaide to stagnate – not grow

It was reported across the media earlier this week that all mainland capital cities will grow in population significantly in the next 50 years apart from Adelaide, which is expected to stagnate and possibly go backwards.  This, then, is impeccable timing….

‘Competing, not comparing’

This exciting new initiative, the Committee for Adelaide, is a very positive and collaborative start. It is highly recommended reading….congrats to all involved!

The Manifesto

committee for adelaide 3

Indaily, 29 November

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