Redesigning transport: wayfinding

Sydney’s public transport is about to undergo a massive and visible change , not seen since the London Underground inspired city circle train stations.

Currently a visual disaster in my humble opinion, the current signage suite across the network has created a graphic design industry…as well as a bewildering array if signage types, standards and styles.

A new logo (the ‘hop’) was a start (creating simply ‘transport’ as the overall brand, relaxing every other existing transport logo), renaming CityRail and CountryLink to Sydney Trains and NSW Trains was the next step; and now new station and brand identities.

First up: Sydney’s train stations lose the station naming at street level, replaced with a simple orange roundel with the letter ‘T’.

Next up, F for Ferries (green), L for light rail (red) and B for buses (blue). Pretty simple really.


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