Seoul demolishes another expressway…

Seoul is rapidly developing a reputation as a leading Asian green city.  First it was the Cheonggyecheon Expressway which was removed and replaced with a naturalised parkway, and now it is another 1960’s monster…the Ahyeon overpass. 

‘After the success of the Cheonggyecheon expressway’s demolition in 2003, subsequent projects caused little concern. The artificial river laid out in its place in 2003-05 – at a cost of $359m – created a 9km green swath through the city centre, which is much appreciated by pedestrians. The price is high because every day 120,000 tonnes of water has to be pumped into the river Han to feed the channel. But it has transformed nearby streets and even brought a 3.6C drop in average summer temperatures’ – see the article for The Guardian below…

aheyon overpass

These images of the Cheonggyecheon expressway before and after are staggering….

Joe Linton

Joe Linton

Joe Linton

Joe Linton

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