Sydney’s light rail makes sense – but it needs to work with other transport to be successful

Making mobility work – light rail is part of an integrated solution

SMH Transport report, Jacob Saulwick, reports on Sydney’s new light rail network and some lessons learnt elsewhere, includes some wise words from yours truely.

“Daniel Bennett, the urban design leader for contractors Arup and Hassell who worked on Sydney light rail, says the tram’s relationship with bus services provides the biggest opportunity and also the biggest challenge of the project.

“I’m a Five Dock boy, so I’m used to catching buses,” says Bennett of the inner-west Sydney suburb ill-served by rail.

“And every year I could see them get slower and slower. George Street is just at absolute capacity, maxed out, so you’ve got to have this new thing that’s going to displace those buses,” he says.

He says the key will be making sure that it is easy for people to change off buses onto frequent, quick and easy trams: “What we’ve got to get right is the interchanges with buses – it has to be simple.”

Link to SMH article here:

Image: Hassell

Image: Hassell



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